Yarra Psychology Services

Personal Issues

Counselling is available for individuals or couples to assist them to manage personal difficulties.

• Managing stress
• Overcoming anxiety and
• Mastering depression
• Mastering perinatal depression and anxiety
• Positive parenting
• Improving relationships
• Learning to positively adjust to the changes in life

Workplace Issues

Counselling is available for individuals to assist them to resolve workplace issues.

• Managing work life balance

• Managing workplace conflict or stress

• Effectively communicate in the workplace

• Life after redundancy

• Adjusting to retirement

• Relocation

• Employee Assistance Programs

• Critical Incident Debriefing

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Life and Health Coaching

Personal development is promoted through counselling to assist individuals to reach their potential through Life and Health Coaching.

• Goal Setting

• Positive functioning to assist a healthy lifestyle

• Build self esteem and confidence

• Time management

• Assertiveness

• Communication skills

• Manage health matters (cardiac illness, headaches, sleep, weight loss)

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