Podcasts are a personal learning tool and easy to digest sound bites that provide interesting information to learn and grow in your own time and space.

Good Life Project

– Weekly podcast by Jonathan Fields on topics such as happiness, meaning, purpose, creativity confidence and success.

Slow Home Podcast

– Brooke McAlary provides suggestions for the busy, stressed and tired to help live a slower and simpler life, by developing single-tasking, meditation, screen free bedrooms and frugal hedonism.

Straight and Curly

– If you are looking to improve yourself and live your best life, this podcast by Carly Jacobs and Kelly Exeter provides tips advice and strategies to manage a hectic life.

Optimal Living Daily

– Justin Malik ‘s daily podcast provides a digest of the internet’s best content examining personal development, productivity and minimalism.

Health Report

– Wellbeing and health advice backed by scientific evidence presented on ABC Radio National.


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