Tips for Self-Care During the Holidays

The holidays are intended for families and special friends to come together and celebrate.  However, the commercialism of the Holiday season has filtered in, causing us much more stress than pleasure during these days.  The calendar of events and parties … Read More

Five tips to improve your motivation

For people living with mental illness, feeling a lack of motivation can be a common experience. This can present in many ways. It may be lack of motivation to go to work, to socialise with your friends and family, difficulty getting … Read More

6 Ways to Mindfully Calm Your Anxiety

Life is full, and it can move fast. No matter who you are, I would guess that statement is true for you too. Sometimes that fast-paced fullness can feel exhilarating, but on a consistent basis, it feels more like stress. That … Read More

5 Ways to Boost Your Midday Mental Slump

Turn the midday slump into a time of power and productivity Most people feel droopy after lunch, and there are many theories on why this is. Sleep doctors will say it’s a natural body rhythm. Nutrition experts might blame the digestive … Read More

Boundaries: Why You Say Yes When You Really Mean No

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How to Navigate Your Negative Emotions Toward a Positive Response

Negative emotions are part of life—yet most of us try to bottle them up or shut them out. We label our emotions and wish them away. We judge ourselves for feeling negative and get caught up in secondary negative emotions as a … Read More

sustainable happiness

Sustainable Happiness: How to Find Contentment That Will Last

Most of us have been taught to believe that happiness is linked to our accomplishments. We think, “I’ll be happy when I get married” or “I’ll be more satisfied at work when I get a promotion.” We are convinced we’ll find … Read More

Looking for a More Meaningful Life? Start Here.

What is your reason for getting up in the morning? What inspires you to be the best version of yourself? In essence, what gives your life meaning? Scientists have looked closely at the sources of meaning in life and have tried to make … Read More

3 Ways to Approach New Opportunities with Excitement Instead of Fear

An opportunity comes up at work. You know it’s what you want. You know you can bring value to your organization. But if you’re like many people, the excitement soon melts into fear. Catastrophic thoughts and images intrude your mental space, … Read More

Five lifestyle changes to enhance your mood and mental health

When someone is diagnosed with a mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety, first line treatments usually include psychological therapies and medication. What’s not always discussed are the changeable lifestyle factors that influence our mental health. Even those who … Read More