Is Charisma a Gift—or Can It Be Trained?

Think of someone—a famous politician or a childhood friend—who is charismatic. Someone who lights up rooms and hearts with their mere presence. What is behind their allure? Their looks? The way they move and talk? Their personality and attitude? Their accomplishments?  Charisma, which in Greek means … Read More

Positive Self-Talk: 7 Things Mentally Healthy People Tell Themselves

The messages we give to ourselves every day have enormous power. Anything that is repeated and repeated and repeated can become “truth” — even when it isn’t. Any coach will tell you that practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect but it … Read More

How Parents Can Model Healthy Behavior for Their Kids & Teens

Parents want their children to grow up healthy, both physically and emotionally, but are unaware that the best path for achieving this is for them to model these behaviors. Parental influence is powerful and lasts well into adulthood. Your children … Read More

Struggling to Get Something Done? Set Up Outer Accountability (Especially if You’re an Obliger!)

The “Four Tendencies” is a personality framework created that divides all of humanity into four categories. Of the Four Tendencies, “Obliger” is the largest Tendency, the one that the most people belong to, for both men and women. And the … Read More

4 Strategies to Cope with the Pain of Rejection

Rejection hurts. We’ve all experienced the pain of rejection – perhaps a job you didn’t get, being ghosted by a friend, or not being invited to a social event — and then seeing your friends post about it on social … Read More

6 Ways to Show Yourself the Love You Deserve

When people think about being kind to themselves and practicing self-love, it’s often considered in a noncommittal, “Yes, I really should be doing that more,” sort of way. Then they go about their merry way, continuing the same old behaviors and being … Read More

3 Ways to Instantly Achieve a More Positive Mindset

Quit Making Uneven Comparisons You’ve probably heard that it’s unhealthy and unhelpful to compare yourself with others too much. It’s true—constant comparison is bound to leave you feeling frustrated and self-conscious. However, it’s not necessarily the act of comparing that … Read More

Could CBT Solve Your Sleep Problems?

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3 Steps to Get Back on Track with Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Turning Trauma Into Strength

Most of us have or will experience trauma at some point in our lives. Whether it comes in the form of a personal upheaval – such as a serious injury or illness, victimhood at the hands of another, job loss, … Read More