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Individual Services

Yarra Psychology provides counselling to individuals and couples to help resolve personal difficulties and manage stressful times in their life. This includes health and life coaching to assist individuals to reach their full potential.

Our areas of specialisation are related to these challenges that arise at various key points of your life. Some of these challenges incudes times related to:

The challenge of perinatal issues and of parenthood:

• Mastering challenges around perinatal depression and anxiety;
• Learning to adjust to changes in life;
• Time management;
• Goal setting;
• Positive parenting;
• Improving relationships;
• Strategies for dealing with young adults.

Educational challenges with secondary, tertiary and post graduate issues and examinations:

• Successfully managing the pressure of senior school exams, including VCE;
• Choosing a University degree and a Career;
• Time management;
• Building self-esteem and confidence;
• Preparing Doctors for their Medical examinations.
• Starting the journey again if it doesn’t go to plan the first time.

Busy professionals dealing with Work/Life Balance, career changes and conflict;

• Managing Stress
• Overcoming Anxiety;
• Strategies to manage Depression;
• Managing work/life balance;
• Improving key relationships;
• Building self-esteem and confidence;
• Managing workplace conflict and stress;
• Effective workplace communications;
• Managing your manager;
• Life after redundancy;
• Dealing with relocation.

Senior and Mature Age clients dealing with life changes and assistance with healthy functioning.

• Learning to adjust to changes in life;
• Positive functioning to assist a healthy lifestyle;
• Adjustment to Retirement;
• Life after redundancy;
• Managing new needs and demands from your children and grandchildren;
• Manage health matters for you and your partner after major medical issues;
• Cardiac recovery and loss of full functionality.