Services to Corporate Clients

Our services to Corporate clients cover a full range of services to employers who want to better understand, better manage, and who care for their employees. This service covers the recruitment process, communications, conflict issues and separation matters.

In particular we specialise in:

Psychometric Testing including Cognitive, Personality and Motivation assessment.

• Yarra Psychology offers Psychometric testing for selection of key personnel and for career assessment. Psychometric testing enhances the recruitment process and provides objective information about a candidate’s skills, ability, personality and motivation levels. It is significant tool to assist selection of the “best fit” candidate for your organisation.

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Workplace Bullying and Communication Issues

Psychological therapy can provide the individual with an opportunity to debrief the current workplace situation that is causing them distress and assist effective decision making for the future. Psychological therapy can encourage development of the following skills:

• Develop assertiveness skills
• Understand personality styles
• Enhance positive communication skills
• Time management
• Goal setting
• Workplace stress management
• Develop effective communication skills
• Reality testing
• Effective decision making

Counselling during periods of redundancy and retirement;

• Debrief the redundancy process,
• Decision making for short, medium and long term plans,
• Managing personal relationships,
• Managing stress, anxiety and depression in response to redundancy,
• Develop networking skills and resources.
• Coaching to plan for retirement,
• Managing changing relationships,
• Exploring the expected changes,
• Managing personal expectations,
• Develop resources for new opportunities.

Workplace Presentations on Stress, Resilience, Time Management & Managing your Manager.

Merril Winney has experience presenting to small, medium and large audiences on a range of topics for individual or workplace issues. Merril has a speciality in presenting one hour presentations that can be tailor made for your organisation and suitable for lunchtime presentations.

Popular topics:

• Stress management,
• Developing resilience in the workplace,
• Effective time management skills,
• Enhancing mindfulness to assist workplace effectiveness,
• Develop positive relationships
• Effective communication skills,
• Assertive behaviour skills,
• Stress management and cardiac illness.

Presentations are informative evidence based and provide participants with information, skills and tools to assist them personally and professionally.