5 Hacks to Create Powerful Habits

So much of our lives are lived on autopilot. We eat, sleep, go to work, attend to house chores, try to fit in some fun or self-care, or simply wind down in front of the television. Then we begin the … Read More

How to Open Yourself Up to the Moment

Susan, a meditation student, wrote me this: “When I’m feeling disconnected or lonely or anxious, I do my best to remember to pay attention to details. While paying attention does have a calming effect, I realize that paying attention—exquisite, extraordinary attention—is … Read More

5 Situations in Your Life Where You Can be More Present

It’s not easy being present. Our brains, unlike other animal brains, are made for extensive time travel. We can mentally replay the past so well that we smile with joy, or, as is more often the case, drive ourselves insane … Read More

Are You a People Pleaser? Here’s What You Need to Know

5 Psychologist-Approved Ways to Get It Under Control I was recently coaching a client I’ll call Amanda. Although she hated to admit it, Amanda was the office people pleaser. She was always the first one to volunteer for the activities … Read More

Changing The Messages In Our Heads

Playing old messages in my head makes me sound like a broken record. Negative messages I heard growing up rear their ugly heads when I am facing (mental) stumbling blocks or when I’m on the verge of greatness/accomplishing a goal. … Read More