Beating Christmas stress and anxiety

The Christmas season is meant to be a time of joy, but for many people it can be a time of stress, anxiety, disappointment or loneliness. Christmas comes with high expectations of perfect, happy families enjoying luxurious celebrations and gifts, but not all of … Read More

The Science Of Laughter: 4 Ways Laughing More Leads To A Better Life

1. Laughter is good for your health. Thanks to a natural decrease in stress hormones and an increase in blood flow, you will simultaneously be protecting your body from heart problems when you laugh. You will also generally strengthen your … Read More

7 Truths When You Look Cool On The Outside But Feel Anxious On The Inside

1. You have a great poker face, but half the time you’re screaming on the inside. You’re cool and collected, but you’re also hot and raging. You have a cyclone inside of you that you’re always doing your best to … Read More

7 Tips on How to Manage Everyday Stress

Stress is often described as a feeling of being overloaded, wound-up, tense and worried. Learning to handle stress in healthy ways is important. Fortunately, it’s easy to learn simple techniques that help.   Identify warning signs: Signs you are stressed could include … Read More

45 Life Lessons

    Whatever your age might be, these universal lessons are relatable to anyone who needs a little reminder of what’s important in life. Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good. When in doubt, just take the next small step. Life is … Read More

Workplace Stress: What’s causing it and what can be done?

    There is little doubt that the physical wellbeing of individuals in the workplace is the primary focus of most organisational Occupational Health and Safety programs. Scan the OH&S section of an employee manual or company intranet and you … Read More

Positive Psychology in the Workplace

  Positive psychology has certainly had a significant impact in the corporate world: across all industry sectors, leadership and organisational development programs have incorporated positive psychology concepts; ‘psychological wellness’ is being increasingly accentuated in workplace wellbeing programs; and ‘stress management’ … Read More

Reflecting on the past and projecting on the future

The science of psychology has been far more successful on the negative than on the positive side. It has revealed to us much about man’s shortcomings, his illness, his sins, but little about his potentialities, his virtues, his achievable aspirations, … Read More

How is Depression Treated?

There are two major forms of treatment for depression that may be used individually or in combination, depending on the type of depression. Psychological treatments Psychological treatments for depression provide a supportive environment for a person to work through difficulties. Psychologists help by … Read More

What is Depression?

  The word depression is used to describe various and sometimes overlapping experiences. To many people being depressed means feeling sad, ‘blue’, downhearted, disappointed, detached or upset. However, a person can feel all these emotions without being ‘clinically’ depressed. Feelings of sadness or the ‘blues’ are generally brief … Read More