Changing The Messages In Our Heads

Playing old messages in my head makes me sound like a broken record. Negative messages I heard growing up rear their ugly heads when I am facing (mental) stumbling blocks or when I’m on the verge of greatness/accomplishing a goal. … Read More

accept yourself

7 Ways to Accept Yourself and Feel Good Enough

Below we explore some alternative perspectives and exercises on how you can accept yourself more and feel good enough.   1. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect As we talked before, perfectionism is the curse of Sisyphus because it’s an unattainable standard. … Read More

managing workplace stress

Practical Strategies to Manage Stress in the Workplace

Mental health can hold the best of us back, both at work and in life. And with mental health conditions costing organisations and individuals more and more each year, it’s time to tackle psychological well-being head-on. You can start by managing … Read More